So I think I have a lot of useful websites so I would like to use this post to talk about all the things that my grandpa has. I finally found out what par to the army he was. He was in the 27th engineering corp. He has a book that he was sent a few years after his discharged. It summarizes his entire journey in the army. EVERY place, date they were there, what they did….everything. There are many cool pictures too. They have pictures of all the projects they did also. There is quite an array of bridges used and my grandpa even went in depth to tell me how they did it. I have so many cool facts to share. He even has personal pictures that have not been seen by anyone. A lot of army life but also them hard at work. The coolest thing that I found out is that my grandpa was working on the first airstrip made in the Phillipines. He was there when the first paratroopers fell on the Phillipines! thats so cool. he said that there were tons of them falling from the sky, and the airstrip wasnt even done yet, and they were falling in trees, onto cars, just everywhere. He has pictures of it. He has so many old papers, he wont let me take them out of his house but I really want to photocopy everything! Do you think I could incorporate sound in my powerpoint? So I have this crazy idea that maybe I could record some of some stories from my grandpa and somehow put it in my powerpoint to play. You know how a story is so much more interesting from an old persons mouth? haha… All his stories come to life because he is saying them and he is saying how he saw it…does that make sense?

With all this new info, I think I am getting caught up in all of it. Am I losing site of my thesis…what is my thesis? geeze, what am i thinking. Do you think this is turning too much into a story of my grandpas time in the army?


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  1. macoffeegrounds

    No, I think this is a great thing. Talk to Mr. McNulty. Let him know that we’ve got limited resources in our room (like we can’t use our DVD/VCR player) and see if there’s a way you might use the PNN folder for audio or video (or both).

    I’m really excited that you were able to go this route.

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