So this is about the air force civil engineer. I could use this to show how broad civil engineering is. It can be expanded to all corners of the workforce. When I talk about the my interest in civil engineering, I could use this on where I could get a job or something.

“Experiments produced new equip-
ment for the revised engineer organiza-
tions. In the search for easily trans-
ported and rapidly emplaced bridging,
the armored force engineers copied the
German inflatable ponton system and
produced a 25-ton ponton treadway
bridge for tanks.”

While reading this second website, I ran into this exerpt and I got very excited. My grandpa has pictures of him making this bridge! In the picture, he is standing on it with a few of his buddies, in the Pacific sun. I just think this is the coolest thing!

other than the bridges themselves, I do not really like this site. It mostly talks about the engineers in Germany and Europe and my grandpa was only in the Pacific. If I want to talk more about the specific kind of bridges themselves, this site will be useful.

This website goes to the the roots of the Engineer Corps. I think this is good to know, but I didnt see a lot about its participation in the war. It talks a lot about its contribution to the National development. I think it is good to start with its beginnings but I think I want to focus more on WWII, since thats what I have the most insight on from my grandpa


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  1. macoffeegrounds

    One of the things you might talk about though is the application of civilian knowledge in war time and vice versa.

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