This link talks all about the Seabee. Which I had no idea who they were so I researched them further. A Seabee is a member of the United States Navy construction battalion. In the North, Central, South and Southwest Pacific areas, the Seabees built 111 major airstrips, 441 piers, 2,558 ammunition magazines, 700 square blocks of warehouses, hospitals to serve 70,000 patients, tanks for the storage of 100,000,000 gallons of gasoline, and housing for 1,500,000 men. In construction and fighting operations, the Pacific Seabees suffered more than 200 combat deaths and earned more than 2,000 Purple Hearts. They served on four continents and on more than 300 islands.

They were very important because they built practically everything. I really need to talk to my Grandpa because I have no idea what part he belonged to or if he was even a Seabee.

Bridges to Victory by Max Schwartz, is about the 1306 engineers in WWII. Maybe I should read this. It seems like it would give me a lot of insight. I think right now I want to focus more on my grandpa’s stories. I think it would be really cool to hear everything from his point of view. He has tons of pictures that I could use in my power point too….very cool.


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  1. A google search of “world war ii changed civil engineering” provides this:

    “Army corps of engineers after world war ii” provides:

    And then the Corps itself:

  2. And an interview with your grandfather would certainly count as a source.

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