So practically my whole exit project has changed. I decided to just focus on the Bridge Over the River Kwai. Empire of the Sun is gone, I finsished it but just felt like I could not connect it. I want to focus a lot on the civil engineering. I want to compare civil engineering techniques in WWII and even maybe before that to the civil engineering now.

I’ve talked a little more with my grandpa and I found some more websites.

I looked a little but I dont think my grandpa was in any part of the Regiment or Batallion. It says what challenges they had to face because of the extreme conditions in the war.

I also looked into the batmobile. I found this link and it just says that the batmobile came from a vehicle called the “Tumbler.” It was originally used to lay the bases of temporary bridges. I need to look further into the actual Tumbler and not the batmobile.


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  1. You know, you might consider contacting someone with Hummer. I don’t think the Tumbler is theirs, but they could be a place to begin.

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