Okay so I can see where you were going with the interstate system and such but I cannot see the Batman and the Batmobile connection. I have seen the movies but I do not really see it. Can you enlighten me? I see the Eisenhower highway system connection. Thanks for the website, too. Its neat how they compare Empire of the Sun to Heart of Darkness. Its fate….haha.  Okay I found a link talking about at the highway system. It gets into the details of it. I am trying to find television specials about WWII but I am not having much luck. I want to sind some that focused more on the part of the war in China and in Japan because that is what Empire of the Sun is about. This book is so weird. It seems that he identifies more with the Japanese than the British that they are fighting against. I want to find more things throught the Japan and China’s eyes. All I can find right now are just more books…which is not what I want.

I read some of the website you gave me….not all of it because it is very long. I want to find more sites like that but I am having trouble. Do you think I am trying to do too much…having two books ( medium-long-ish books in my eyes) then having all these sights? I feel like I am drowning in information but I need to focus more on the connection of all of it.


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