Okay so I looked further into Coffee’s suggestion of the Bridge Over the River Kwai. I faintly remember talking about this book from Geography freshman year. I am almost positive we watched the movie. Okay so I think I will link this book to Empire of the Sun rather than Hiroshima. I talked to my grandpa and I found out that his job was actually making bridges and airports in the jungle….just like Bridge over the River Kwai! cool huh? He would get there and have to decide what trees to cut down or what holes to fill. He made roads too. I think that knowing that, I bring everything pretty much full circle. I also think that BOTRK is a better link because I am leaning more towards civil engineering. If I would linked the atomic bomb aspect, it would have been more nuclear engineering. I love building things and am just amazed by the structures. I guess my question is….How can I smoothly hook all these things together? I dont want it to be like. “Yeah so WWII, my grandpa was in it and he made bridges and stuff….Oh and by the way, I want to do civil engineering when I grow up.” I haven’t found a good way to link it. So like which aspect do I start with?….the civil engineering or the WWII? 

So I’m having trouble getting time to read. I have a lot of trouble reading two books at the same time. I just feel like I have to put all my attention to one book to really understand it. It gets really bad when I start intermixing ideas from either book. I have a few pages in Heart of Darkness so I’m excited to start putting my full attention to SEP…..that is I’m hoping we don’t start another book in class?


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  1. macoffeegrounds

    Well, we are starting another book, unfortunately, but it’s something you have to be ready for next year. There will be a number of things vying for your attention — from academics, to independence, to creating a new identity and social life — and you’ve got to be able to successfully negotiate it. As for the River Kwai, I think that’s a great place to go, and then you can even bring in Batman Begins and the original intent for the Batmobile. How does war and its innovations eventually positively impact the civilian population? In the case of your grandfather’s work, those experiences likely benefited America’s infrastructure after World War II? Look at the Eisenhower Highway System for example, does that make sense?

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